Don’t be Left in the Dark: Winter Business Security Tips

Before we look at winter business security tips, did you know that according to the Office for National Statistics, in the 12 months to the year ending June 2020, there were approximately 11.5 million offences in England and Wales. While estimates show that theft and robbery fell in April and June due to lockdown restrictions, incidents of anti-social behaviour increased with more than a fifth of adults experiencing or witnessing anti-social acts during this three month period.

As the dark nights draw in and lockdown restrictions continue, it’s important to make sure your business property is safe and secure. From common-sense tips, to extra measures you might want to take for extra peace of mind, we look at winter business security tips that should be on the top of your list as we prepare for season and all that comes with it.

Start outside

Protecting your doors and windows should be the first step in securing your business property. Where possible, put extra measures in place such as laminated glazing or window grilles for an additional layer of security. Make sure the boundaries of your site are protected with security fences, and if you have CCTV, or if you’re thinking of installing it, make sure it covers every entry point.

Work your way inwards

Once you’ve secured boundaries, doors and windows, it’s time to think about protecting what’s on the inside. Make sure your alarm system is serviced and working, and when your business is unoccupied, make sure valuables are kept out of sight. From tools and machinery to high value stock, don’t give criminals a reason to want to gain access to your property. Lock away as much as you can inside your premises so if they do gain access, your valuable stock and equipment is harder to find.

Do a spot check

It helps to cast a critical eye on your business security by carrying out a spot check every now and again. Walk around your business and make sure doors and windows are free from obvious signs of damage, remove any items that could help a criminal gain access (think ladders, pipes, bricks, etc) and make a list of any enhanced measures your business would benefit from.

Call for help

Even if you have plenty of measures in place to keep your business safe, calling in the experts can make a real difference. From mobile patrols to alarm response, a professional security services provider like KeyPlus can enhance your business security, not only in the winter months, but all year round, with 24/7 cover, 365 days a year.

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