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Alarm Response

Do you dread the phone call telling you the alarm has gone off at work? Our Alarm Response service means you and your staff members can enjoy your home life without fear of interruption, as we’re on hand to attend alarm call outs on your behalf.

How does Alarm Response work?

Our experienced Patrol & Response Officers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As soon as we’re notified of an alarm activation, we take your keys from our secure key safe and make our way to your premises. As a local company with local knowledge, we’re quick to arrive and assess the scene. 

If we find there’s been a break in, or an attempted break in, we’ll contact the Police and arrange for any broken windows to be boarded up before resetting your alarm so your property is left safe and secure.

For every call out we attend, a computerised report will be emailed to you advising you of our findings and any action taken on your behalf.

It’s not just intruder alarms we’ll respond to either. As part of a Key Holding and Response contract, we can attend and deal with fire alarm system activations, lift and building maintenance systems, freezer alarms and more.

What are the benefits of using an Alarm Response service?

There are many benefits of using an Alarm Response service… 

  • No more disturbances in the middle of the night
  • Better work/life balance by not being on call over the weekend or during bank holidays
  • No need to leave partners or children alone at home for extended periods of time or arranging an emergency childminder
  • No need to worry about vehicles being roadworthy and insured
  • No risk that those on call could be drink driving or driving whilst tired. 

Our Patrol & Response Officers are trained to deal with potentially dangerous situations and respond as quickly and as safely as they can. Using our Alarm Response service takes away the risk of untrained staff members responding to alarms.

Did you know…?

We also offer Mobile Patrols? A visible deterrent to would-be criminals, it’s a great service that works hand in hand with Key Holding and Alarm Response. To find out if our security services are available in your area, visit our ‘Areas we cover‘ page.

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