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Mobile Patrols

A fraction of the cost associated with a static guard, Mobile Patrols are a great solution for those who want a visible and effective security presence without hiring a part, or full time employee.

Our Mobile Patrol service can cover virtually any type of premises including warehouses, depots, factories, shops, public buildings and offices, and our experienced surveyors work with you to provide a level of cover that is second to none.

How do Mobile Patrols work?

Mobile Patrols are randomly timed internal and external foot patrols carried out by a professional Patrol & Response Officer. They’re recorded in compliance with the requirements of BS7499 and electronically monitored to provide you with confirmation of continuous protection. 

If any faults or incidents are found on the patrol, we document them and email them to you the following working day for your reference. If a fault or incident needs immediate action, our Officer will contact a named key holder to notify them of the situation and assist in any follow up action.

Trained in conflict management, our Patrol & Response Officers are experienced when it comes to handling potentially dangerous situations such as intruders and are trained to avoid conflict, reduce personal risk and defuse situations through verbal and non-verbal communication. 

What are the benefits of using a Mobile Patrol service?

Mobile Patrols are a cost-effective way to add a visible security presence to your business premises…

  • They’re a fraction of the cost of a static guard
  • They can take place day and/or night
  • They’re tailored to your requirements
  • They’re electronically monitored to give you peace of mind
  • They mean that any situations can be dealt with swiftly and safely.

Did you know…?

We respond so you don’t have to. Combining Mobile Patrols with our Key Holding and Alarm Response services means we’re on hand to deal with any security issues that arise. To find out if our security services are available in your area, visit our ‘Areas we cover‘ page.

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