What is Alarm Response and Why Do I Need It?

What is Alarm Response?

 Alarm Response is a service put in place to respond to alarm activations at your business premises on your behalf. As a local business employing local people with extensive local knowledge, our fast and reliable service means we can respond to an activation in just 18 minutes on average. Less than half the time it might take you to make your way to the premises yourself.

 Why do I need an Alarm Response service?

Alongside Key Holding and Mobile Patrols, our Alarm Response service should be a key part of your business security strategy. Not only does it help to keep your business premises safe and secure, it also gives you and your employees peace of mind.

Many business owners and their employees are on-call to deal with alarm activations out of hours at their place of work. This comes with a whole host of potential problems. Not only does it disturb work/life balance, but it also puts you and your employees at risk.

Using our Alarm Response service means you no longer need to worry about missing time with your family, enjoying a relaxing evening with a drink or wondering who and what you might find when you reach the property.

Why should I use KeyPlus?

As an Approved Contractor for the Security Industry Authority (SIA), we deliver high quality services to all our clients. For each alarm we attend, we create a computerised report which you’ll receive via email, advising you of our findings and any action we’ve taken on your behalf.

“They checked all possible entry and hiding points and spent 15 minutes assuring themselves there was no break-in. They suspected the alarm may have been triggered by debris being agitated by wind penetrating the air intake louvres on the shutter door. They responded by sweeping up and bagging the debris. Outstanding!” Jeff Orr, Chairman of Stack Group.

Find out more about our Alarm Response service. Call 0800 783 1025 or fill in your details here for a no-obligation quote.

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