How to Stay Safe and Secure This Winter

Want to stay safe and secure this winter?

It’s only a matter of time before those morning frosts get thicker and the rain turns into snow. According to the Met Office, the UK gets on average 23.7 days of snow fall or sleet a year (1981-2010). While not every ‘snow day’ will impact your business or workforce, preparing for bad weather is something you should consider when planning for your business security. If your alarm is triggered during the night, who will respond? And how comfortable are you – and they – with responding when the weather takes a turn for the worse?

Don’t take the risk this winter

According to analysis from Insure the Box, drivers are 20% more likely to have an accident during the winter months. Darker, shorter days, an increased risk of ice and snow and much more challenging driving conditions are all factors that contribute to the increase. If you have key holding colleagues who are likely to be called out in the middle of the night, should they really have to battle the elements for what could just be a false alarm?

How can we help?

Our key holding, mobile patrols and alarm response services work together in unison to keep your business safe. By holding a set of your keys (coded anonymously and secured within our 24-hour key safes), we can provide a rapid and effective emergency response and patrol service, day or night – whatever the weather. Come rain or shine, hail or snow, our professional Patrol & Response Officers respond to calls in just 18 minutes on average.

As a Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved contractor, you can rest assured that your business security is in safe hands. We are committed to safeguarding people, protecting your premises and assets and providing professional, effective, value for money security services to our customers.

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