How to Assess Your Business Security Needs

The start of a new year often means the start of a new ‘to-do’ list, and while there may be a whole host of things on there, reviewing your business security needs is one worth moving to the top! 

Your business is your livelihood, so protecting it is important. To carry out an assessment of your business security needs, it helps to consider the following…

Your property

Think about your property and the physical assets within it. Are your premises as secure as they could be? Do you carry a large amount of stock that could be a target for thieves? Installing CCTV and making sure your alarm is in good working order can make a difference, but are there any other services you could make use of? Mobile patrols, for example, are randomly-timed foot patrols carried out day or night that can help to add an extra layer of security to your business premises by warding off unwanted visitors. 

Your people

Consider your people assets too. Do you have employees who have changing shift patterns? Do you have staff members who hold keys or attend alarm activations out of hours? Do you have regular couriers delivering stock who need access to your premises? Using a key holding service could give you extra peace of mind. 

Rather than asking your employees to take keys home with them, your keys are held securely and only released as you have instructed. Your key holder can provide lock and unlock duties, arrange access for deliveries and contractors, or simply deliver a spare set of keys to you should you forget yours in a hurry. Consider combining key holding with an alarm response service and take away unnecessary stress from your employees. Give them the work/life balance they deserve and let trained professionals respond to your alarm activations.

Your time

Managing the security of your business, as well as handling the day-to-day running of it, can be a challenge. Leave it up to a team of professionals to assess your security needs and put the time into keeping your business secure. As Lancashire’s leading security services provider, we’ve worked with many businesses across a range of industries to save you time and worry by providing cost-effective security services, tailored to you. 

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