What’s on Santa’s Wishlist this Year?

There’s not long to go until the big day now, and Santa’s busy checking his list to see who’s been  naughty and who’s been nice. Although the festivities are in full swing in the North Pole, a little birdie told us that he’s feeling a bit unloved this year… He’s always asking people what’s on their Christmas list, but just once, he’d like to share what’s on his! To secure that spot on the nice list, we did a quick detour to his workshop and asked him the question! Here’s what’s on Santa’s wishlist…

A video doorbell

He might seem like a jolly gent, but there’s nothing Santa hates more than an unexpected visitor. Smart doorbells not only let you see who’s at your door, but they also let you speak to them in real time. Recording footage when they’re triggered and sending an alert to your smartphone, they’re a great way of keeping unwanted guests at bay as well as alerting you to any potential security issues.

A smart lock

For those who have a tendency to lose or misplace their keys (and Santa is one of them!), a smart lock could be a stellar solution this Christmas. Giving you keyless access to your property, smart locks come with some great features. From issuing ‘key cards’ to family members or friends who might need to pop in while you’re out, to notifications when the kids are home safe, it’s a high-tech way to secure your home.   

Smart plugs

Santa’s big on his smart technology this year, and after his video doorbell and smart lock, smart plugs are next on his list! Smart plugs allow you to turn appliances on and off using your smartphone. A great way to make it look like someone is home by switching on the TV or turning on a lamp, they’re a handy gadget that can help to protect your home without breaking the bank.

Home Response

You might think the big man spends most of his time at home when he’s not out delivering Christmas gifts, but you’d be wrong! He’s often away on business, sourcing materials for the workshop, recruiting new elves, or taking a well-earned sleigh-cation with Mrs Claus. 

When he’s away from home, Home Response is top of his list (and he’s called on us a few times to help!). A service designed to put your mind at ease, we can look after your property whether you’re home or away. From responding to alarm activations to home checks and neighbourhood patrols, it’s a service well worth looking into…

You can find out more about these services on our ‘Home Response’ page, or if you’d like to speak to us directly, call 0800 783 1025. 

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