Security Services for Food Manufacturers

According to statistics compiled by the Food & Drinks Federation (FDF), the UK food and drink industry is the biggest manufacturing sector in the country – larger than the automotive and aerospace industries combined. Employing over 430,000 people across every region of the UK and turning over more than £105b, it’s an industry that can afford little down time. 

Meeting the demands of supply chains, distributors or direct customers is essential to those who own a food manufacturing business and with rigorous health and safety regulations to adhere to, we’ve found that businesses within the industry often struggle to see how security service providers can work with them… But it’s more straightforward than it seems.  

Regardless of the industry our clients work in, we’re always sensitive to their business practices and processes. We offer bespoke security services, so we always work with clients to conduct a survey of their site, so they can highlight any areas of concern, or restricted areas we cannot access. It’s an opportunity for us to understand how your business works and explain how we can support you. 

Alarm response for food manufacturers 

If your business has ‘downtime’ and is left unattended at any point, we can support you with alarm response services. They’re as simple as they sound – if your alarm activates, we respond so you don’t have to.

When carrying out your initial site survey, as well as your practices and processes, we’ll also familiarise ourselves with your Fire and Security alarm panel so that we can identify specific zones that may have activated. 

If an alarm has activated in a restricted area, we’ll call the relevant staff member within your business who can help us deal with the alarm. This means that we can provide security services to you, without jeopardising health and safety regulations if this is a concern.

Key holding for food manufacturers 

Many businesses we speak to still use employees as key holders. Not only is this a health and safety risk, but it can also have a detrimental effect on your employees wellbeing and work/life balance. Whether you’ve forgotten your keys and need a spare set delivering to minimise downtime, or want to arrange supervised access for deliveries, we can help. 

We provide key holding services to clients from a variety of industries. We keep keys anonymously coded, sealed and secured within our 24 hour key safes and they are only released under strictly monitored procedures to our team of security professionals. Saving you time and money, it’s a cost-effective service that represents great value for money.

And speaking of money… Did you know that on average, our clients pays just £9.60 per week for professional security services from KeyPlus? 

Want to find out more about how KeyPlus can support your food manufacturing business? Call us on 0800 783 1025 or fill in your details here for a free no-obligation quote.

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