Don’t be a zombie: Security mistakes you’re making

Dark nights and shorter days can take their toll on even the hardiest of business owners. It’s tough enough running a business but when 6am feels like the dead of night, it can be a real killer. Securing your premises, especially in the winter months, should always be a priority so we’re here to stop you walking head-first into some common security mistakes…

Wipe those cobwebs away

CCTV cameras are a good step towards securing your business premises but one of the biggest security mistakes is not keeping them clean and tidy. Clearing off the cobwebs and making sure they’re in working order will help you sleep easier knowing that anything that goes ‘bump’ in the night will be captured on film.

Step out of the moonlight

Don’t rely on the light of the moon to illuminate your business premises at night. Investing in motion activated floodlights will startle creeping criminals and alert neighbours and passers-by to anyone acting suspiciously.

Dead to the world

Are you still relying on employees to respond to alarm activations in the middle of the night? Let them sleep and use us instead! Our alarm response service provides 24/7 cover, 365 days a year.

Frightfully forgetful

With your mind elsewhere, it can be easy to rush out and forget the keys to work. Avoid lost time, employees on the doorstep and lost profits by using our key holding service. We keep a set of your keys coded anonymously in a secure key safe and can deliver them to you within minutes.

Are you ready to speak to us about your business and avoid these security mistakes? We’d love to hear from you. Call 0800 783 1025 or click here for a free, no-obligation quote.

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