Keeping Your Home Safe This Season

October is National Home Security Month – designed to highlight the importance of preventative measures to keep your home safe and secure. First launched in 2013, the campaign offers advice, information and support to help you secure your property.

The National Home Security Month’s website features a postcode checker to see how safe your area is, as well as hints and tips to help keep you safe, 5 of which we’ve shared below.

1 – The £1 coin trick

To see whether locks need changing, try the £1 coin trick. This simple test can tell you whether your cylinder could be easily compromised by lock snapping. Testing your lock is easy – if the cylinder protrudes more than the depth of a £1 coin, it could be easily snapped, and your property potentially broken into. If this is the case, it’s worthwhile arranging for a new lock to be put in place.

2 – Keep your garden tidy

As lovely as they are to look at, your garden could provide the perfect cover for burglars to move around your property undetected. Keeping your garden well maintained can reduce any overgrown areas opportunistic thieves may seek to hide. It also sends a signal to unwanted onlookers that the property is occupied and looked after.

3 – Fix your fences

Cracks in fence panels can gradually get worse, especially through the harsh weather of the winter months. They can grow in size and could eventually provide space for a burglar to crawl through. To help keep your property secure, replace any old fence panels, fix any which have broken and repair any gates, fitting them with bolts or weatherproof padlocks.

4 – Think about your driveway

Having a gravel driveway or paths around your house, could be an effective deterrent to thieves. Gravel is noisy to walk on so makes being discreet much more difficult.

5 – Use your alarm system

If you have an alarm system installed, there’s no reason not to use it. You’ll no doubt have it set when you’re out of the house or away on holiday, but make sure you set it when you’re at home too, for example when you’re in bed at night, or if separate parts of the house are on their own sensors, for example, your garage.

Need additional support? We offer a Home Response service to help keep your property safe. Find out more on our Home Response page or contact us on 0800 783 1025 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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