Home Security Tips for a Cracking Christmas

December is finally upon us and whether you think this year has flown by, or been a bit of a drag, one thing is certain… The countdown to Christmas is on! Although we may be celebrating a little differently this year, these home security tips should still come in handy to help you have a cracking Christmas – whatever that may look like…

One for the cheque-list

It can be hard to buy for teenagers and young adults, and quite often, they’re happy enough with cash. Although it can be tempting to withdraw larger amounts over the festive period, the best place for your money really is the bank. Instead of popping notes in a gift card, consider writing a cheque instead! It’s much safer than keeping large amounts of money at home.

Deck the halls

Christmas trees take pride of place in any room, and while they’re beautiful to look at, they can draw attention from the outside too. It’s great to be organised and have everything wrapped and ready to go, but try not to leave presents under the tree until Christmas Eve – especially if they’re visible through windows or doors. When you have put them out, close all your curtains before going to bed and set your alarm… Father Christmas won’t set it off. Promise!

He’s been! He’s been!

Christmas morning can be chaotic to say the least, but it helps to have a plan in mind for the ‘clean up’ after all the presents have been hastily opened. Simple wrapping paper can be recycled if it passes the ‘scrunch test’ but anything with foil or glitter needs to go in general waste. Once you’ve handled the wrapping paper, take a look at the packaging that’s left. A trip to the local recycling centre could be a good idea – especially if you’ve bought expensive items that could be of interest to an opportunist thief routing through your bins, looking for their next target.

For those special presents…

If the hints have paid off and you’ve received a high-value present, check your insurance policy to make sure it’s covered. Single item limits typically range from £1,000 to £2,000 so check your policy and if you’re unsure, give your insurer a call to make sure you’re covered.

And relax!

Christmas holidays are the perfect excuse to switch off from the world and relax! Spending days on end on the sofa with a good film and a hot toddy is great, but make sure you keep on top of the home security basics, like locking doors and windows. Letterbox fishing can be a quick win for thieves looking to steal valuable items through your letterbox, so make sure you keep keys and wallets out of sight and out of reach.

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