Crime Busting Tips for Construction Companies

The construction industry has long struggled with theft. In fact, recent statistics from insurer, Allianz Cornhill, revealed that it costs the industry around £800 million a year. A popular target for metal theft, with over 7,000 recorded per month, and plant vehicle theft, where less than 10% of vehicles are recovered, construction sites have their own unique set of issues, but bespoke security measures could help. 

Protecting the perimeter 

Security fencing is the best way to protect the perimeter of your site. When setting it up, consider the number of exits and entrances your site needs, as this can reduce the number of ‘weak spots’. Portable lighting should also be installed to help deter intruders. CCTV and alarms are a great way to protect site offices and areas where equipment is likely to be stored, and can be used again when you move to the next site.

Keeping your equipment safe

Always hire equipment from a reputable company, and be wary of any equipment you are offered cheaply for sale, as it could be stolen. Once construction is underway, make sure your plant vehicles and materials are kept as safe as possible. Valuable materials, such as copper pipe and lead cables should be stored securely and protected to make them harder for opportunistic thieves to reach. 

On-site security 

Alongside all the health and safety protocols your employees will need to follow, ask them to keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour, or individuals monitoring the site. It’s worth asking local community groups to keep an eye out too. The more people on hand to report suspicious activity, the better it is for your business. 

Mobile patrols are also a great way to protect your site, and they’re cost effective too. A fraction of the cost associated with a static guard, security service providers, like KeyPlus, can work with you to understand your construction site and its needs, putting measures in place to keep it secure.

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