5 Lessons in School Security

With summer approaching, now’s the perfect time to make sure your school premises are safe and secure. Whether you’ve been able to return to the classroom or not, tick our 5 tips off your list, for an A+ in school security.

Don’t skip the basics

Basic steps such as making sure all windows and doors are locked securely should be part of your every day security routine. It can be easy to get caught up in all the pressures of school life, but making time for the basics will mean access points to your building are as secure as they can be, giving you peace of mind from the word go.

Protect your tech! 

Not all rooms in your building will need the same security measures in place, but for computer rooms or technology suites where equipment costs can mount up, you might want to think about extra protection – whether that’s internal cameras, or more robust external shutters. It might be hard to keep valuables out of site during the daytime, but at night, make sure the contents of each room are locked away (if possible) and that shutters are routinely closed.

On the fence

Protecting your property means protecting its perimeter. Check fences and walls regularly so you know where any weak spots are. If you can repair any damage – do, but if you can’t get to it immediately, ensure additional security measures, like CCTV cameras are in place to cover you. They won’t prevent intruders from attempting to access your property, but they will provide footage should you need it.

School’s out…

Not everything happens in school hours. If you have contractors arriving during holidays or out of hours deliveries, you could use the help of a professional key holding service like ours. We hold a set of your keys, anonymously coded, in our 24 hour key safe. They’re only released under strictly monitored procedures, so we’re able to provide safe and supervised access to your school, locking it up securely once access is no longer needed.

Sound the alarm

Bells ringing at the end of a busy day may be music to your ears, but alarms sounding in the middle of night may not be. A must-have security measure, our alarm response service means we respond to alarm activations so you don’t have to. Our professional Patrol & Response officers carry out a full inspection before resetting your alarm so you can enjoy your home life without any interruption. That’s certainly worth an extra mark or two! 

To find out more about how KeyPlus can protect your school, call us on 0800 783 1025 or fill in your details here for a free no-obligation quote.

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