What Happens on Mobile Patrols?

Mobile patrols are a great service, representing fantastic value for money for our clients. A fraction of the cost of a static guard, they provide highly visible external and internal security patrols to protect your workplace. But what happens on mobile patrols?

Our mobile patrols are carried out by experienced Patrol and Response Officers who are kept busy and active throughout their shift, whether they’re responding to alarm activations, performing lock and unlock services or carrying out routine foot patrols.

We look out for issues

Mobile patrols can be randomly timed, taking place day or night to provide a visible deterrent to those who may take the opportunity to do your business harm. When out on patrol, our officers are trained to spot anything suspicious and make note of any potential security issues.

We take action

Security issues could range from a smashed window needing immediate attention, to a broken fence that could represent a security risk in the future. For issues requiring immediate attention, we’ll notify your key holder and assist them in any follow up action. If we hold the keys to your premises, we’ll work with local trades to secure the building.

We report back

All our foot patrols are recorded in compliance with the requirements of BS7499 and electronically monitored to provide you with confirmation of continuous protection. Any issues that arise on the patrol will be documented and emailed to you for your reference.

We deal with potentially stressful situations

Trained in conflict management, our Patrol and Response Officers are experienced when it comes to handling potentially stressful situations such as intruders, or perhaps a group of youths acting suspiciously on your premises.

Their training includes avoiding conflict, reducing personal risk, and defusing potentially dangerous situations through verbal and non verbal communication.

Giving you peace of mind that your business is protected, mobile patrols are a smart solution for those looking to improve their business security.

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