What are the Responsibilities of a Key Holding Company?

The beauty of key holding, is that it’s easy to explain – the clue is in the name! So how does it work? It’s simple… A professional key holding company will take a set of your keys and store them securely, releasing them under strict protocol to perform services agreed by you.

Responding to alarm activations

Many clients who enlist the help of a key holding company, use them for other services too such as alarm response. This service means that should the alarm at your workplace activate, the company can respond quickly, assess the situation and deactivate your alarm. Holding a set of keys is essential for this service.

For a professional security service provider like KeyPlus, our responsibility is to make sure your property is safe and secure before re-setting your alarm and locking up. If there is a situation to deal with upon arrival, we’ll deal with it as best we can, contacting the police and arranging for your property to be boarded up or locks changed should an intruder have gained entry.

Locking and unlocking

For businesses that work in shifts, have deliveries out of hours, or want to arrange access for workmen, a key holding service is invaluable. It’s often the responsibility of a professional key holder, like us, to lock and unlock your property at arranged times, facilitating access for those who need it and making sure it is safe and secure upon leaving.

Not only does this save you time as a business owner, but it takes away the reliance on using employees to hold keys and perform lock and unlock duties for you, helping to protect their work/life balance and giving your business the professional protection it deserves.

Delivering a spare set, when you need them

An additional responsibility of key holding companies is coming to the rescue should you realise you’ve forgotten your keys when you arrive at work. Forget having a stressful drive all the way home and back again, we can deliver a spare set to you quickly and efficiently. This means less downtime and avoids employees waiting outside for longer than they need to, helping to protect productivity and profit.

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