The Impact of Home & Flexible Working on Business Security

Covid-19 has brought about a lot of changes. From social distancing to wearing face masks, we’ve adapted to a ‘new normal’ at both work and play. But one change that looks set to last is an increase in home and flexible working.

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that last year, just 1.7 million of the UK’s 32.6 million workers considered their home as their main place of work. When taking into account those who worked partly from home and partly from the office, the figure rose to 4 million. Figures from April 2020 however, show that during the pandemic, 49.2% of the UK’s workers became home-based.

Remote and flexible working not only reduces office costs, but it is also said to increase staff retention, boost morale and improve work/life balance. With many people seeing the benefits, some businesses have chosen to take a more flexible approach to returning to the office, giving employees the opportunity to combine the two. And with the office environment changing, it means that business security will need to do the same.

With staff rotating in and out of work, it can become harder to allocate and keep track of key holders – employees who may be responsible for locking up, or on call to respond to alarms should they activate out of hours. It may also mean that your hours of work might change, for example, opening earlier and closing later to allow more flexibility as people work their hours around other commitments, such as picking children up from school, or to allow rota-based working to facilitate social distancing.

Appointing a key holding company could be a smart alternative. Rather than relying on employees whose working patterns may have changed, we hold a set of keys on your behalf. Locked away in our 24 hour key safes and only released under strict protocol, our professional Patrol & Response Officers can assist with locking and unlocking your business premises, whenever you need us to.

You could even combine key holding with our alarm response service, to provide an out of hours response to alarm activations. Responding, on average, in just 18 minutes, we can help to protect your business, whatever your ‘new normal’ looks like.

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