Should You Outsource Your Key Holding?

As a business owner, you’ll have lots of important decisions to make, but if you’re asking yourself whether you should outsource your key holding, the answer is easy… Yes! There are several reasons why you should outsource your key holding but here a couple that will make a big difference to your business.

It’s safer for your employees

Although your employees may agree to take keys home with them, it doesn’t mean they’re comfortable with it. Having to respond to alarm activations at weekends or during the night can disrupt their work/life balance and is an unnecessary risk. 

Your employees may have had a drink or just woken up, factors which may impact their ability to drive or think clearly. They may come across intruders when arriving at the premises and lack proper training in handling the situation, putting them in danger.

Outsourcing your key holding to a professional security services provider minimises these risks, restoring your employees work/life balance and giving them one less thing to worry about.

It’s more cost-effective

Using your employees as key holders can result in extra costs. From overtime and travel reimbursements to time taken in lieu, the additional costs for your business can mount up. 

Even if you’re the primary key holder, not having a spare set of keys held by a reputable company can result in loss of productivity and profits. Imagine arriving at work and realising you’ve left your keys at home… Having a key holding service as a back-up really does come in handy. Less down-time, no employees waiting on the door step and no reason for you to return home in a rush.

KeyPlus offer a key holding service to help you manage your business security. Your keys are coded anonymously and held in 24 hour key safes, only released under strict protocol to our professional Patrol & Response Officers.

Whether it’s responding to alarm activations, performing lock and unlock services, or delivering a spare set of keys to you should you leave yours at home, outsourcing your key holding is a smart move for your employees, and for your business.

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