Security-Themed Stocking Fillers

Got a partner who prefers practical gifts for Christmas? Protect your home and put a smile on their face with our security-themed stocking fillers.

Patio locks

Add an extra layer of security to french doors by investing in a patio door lock. Easy to fit and remove, the metal device simply slips over door handles and is secured with a padlock. Not only does it make french doors harder to force open, but it acts as a visible deterrent to anybody who may be looking in. A great option to use all year round, this simple device is cheap to buy and could save hundreds of pounds should your door become damaged in an attempted break-in. 

TV simulator

Another cost-effective device to add to your wish list this year is a TV simulator. Often featuring a built-in light sensor so they turn on as it gets dark, TV simulators give the illusion that someone is at home, watching the box! Whether you’re out for a couple of hours, or away for a couple of days, TV simulators feature unpredictable pattern changes and light flickers, consuming less energy than the real thing, making them a good option for that additional layer of home security.

Doorbell cameras

If you’re into ‘smart home’ gadgets, a video doorbell is one of the best security-themed stocking fillers. Replacing your existing doorbell, video doorbells feature additional functionality, including a video camera, microphone and speaker. When someone presses the doorbell, video and audio are streamed live to you, normally via your smartphone. Useful for directing delivery drivers to a ‘safe place’, video doorbells usually feature motion sensors and night vision, doubling up as a security camera. Triggering if someone approaches your home, you’ll be able to keep an eye on who’s hanging about whether you’re at home, or away. 

Signal blocking pouches

If your car has keyless entry, the last thing you want is someone amplifying and transmitting the signal from your keys to gain access to your car. Sadly, this all too common and gaining entry to a keyless car can take criminals just 60 seconds. There are however pouches and boxes available to buy that can help to block the signal from your keys. Test yours by placing your key in your pouch or box and standing next to your car to make sure it doesn’t unlock.  

KeyPlus offer a range of security services, from key holding to alarm response to help protect your home and business. Find out more about our services by calling us on 0800 783 1025. 

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