Quick Security Fixes for Maintenance Businesses

1. Carry out a security MOT

Like many businesses, you’ll no doubt have security measures in place to protect your premises. But how often do you check everything is running smoothly? Make sure you give your security measures a regular check-up to detect any issues and put security fixes in place. Repair or replace faulty windows, make sure your fencing is maintained and keep your CCTV in good working order. Noting down all the areas that need attention will make it easier to keep on top of, giving you the best chance of keeping your premises safe and secure.

2. Make it a team effort

One of the easiest security fixes is to make it a team effort. Make sure your employees are aware of the security procedures you have in place and why they’re there – that way they’ll understand why they’re so important. Make security an open conversation, that way they’ll learn to recognise when something may be afoot… a suspicious customer, a cracked window, etc. If your maintenance staff are out on the road, ensure locking vans and being mindful of equipment is a top priority. And if they’re working alone, consider your lone working security measures. 

3. Get a quote! 

It’s a phrase you’ll know all too well… but some things are just better left to a professional! Your security services could be one of them! Professional security service providers, like us, have plenty of experience when it comes to understanding the needs of different businesses across a range of industries. Offering bespoke security services, we work with our clients to conduct a survey of their site, giving you the opportunity to highlight any areas of concern, or restricted areas we may not be able to access, and putting a plan in place to deliver security services that work for you. 

From key holding to alarm response and mobile patrols, contact us today to see how we could provide security services for less than you might think. 

For a free, no-obligation quote call 0800 783 1025 or fill in your details here.

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