We’re Proud to Support Living Wage Week

We’re once again proud to support Living Wage Week, an annual celebration of the movement to pay a wage that reflects the real cost of living. The campaign launched in 2001 to tackle in-work poverty, after finding that despite working two minimum wage jobs or more, workers still struggled to make ends meet.

Unlike the Government’s ‘National Living Wage’, the true Living Wage is calculated according to the real cost of living. Based on essential shopping, transportation and housing costs, it pays a higher wage to employees than the Government’s version.

2020/2021 rate increases have just been announced by the movement as part of their focus week with workers outside of London now receiving £9.50 per hour.

Available to those aged 18 and older, it is paid voluntarily by over 6,500 businesses in the UK – and we’re proud to be one of them.

“The movement has given hundreds of thousands of workers a pay rise, and as a security services provider with employees often working unsociable hours and dealing with potentially difficult situations, we’re proud to pay a real living wage” said Brian Curran, Managing Director of KeyPlus.

“This year has been a difficult year for all, but paying a wage that reflects the true cost of living means we can support our employees with the practical aspects of life.

“Paid voluntarily by businesses, we’d like to encourage those thinking about joining the movement to do so. It really makes a difference to employees, and to business, improving retention rates and rewarding employees for a job well done.”

To find out more, visit livingwage.org.uk or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see our updates.

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