Protect Your Business This Autumn

Last year, it was estimated that 38% of business premises in the wholesale and retail sector had been a victim of crime. The most common type being theft (27%), followed by assault or threats (12%) and burglary (10%)*.  

Protecting your business premises with the necessary security precautions is important, especially as the nights draw in and the winter months approach. With that in mind, we’re sharing some top tips to consider to help keep your business safe and secure. 

Know your neighbours

If your business is surrounded by other businesses, get to know your neighbours! Creating a network of business owners who look out for each other means there is always an extra pair of eyes and ears on hand. Plus, you can talk about would-be threats or attempts to break into businesses in the area so you can be extra vigilant. 

Keep up appearances

A well kept premises shows that it is occupied and taken care of. This can be a deterrent for many things, including anti social behaviour. Buildings that are run down or have messy landscaping or broken fences for example, look like nobody is around to clean up and that nobody cares, so can attract the wrong type of attention. 

Share the work

Train and encourage your staff to look out for potential security issues. From dodgy locks to suspicious customers or groups loitering outside your building, giving them a channel to report concerns means it won’t always fall on you to keep a lookout. 

Call in the professionals

For peace of mind, enlist the help of a professional security services provider. Companies, like KeyPlus, can provide a range of services from alarm response to mobile patrols. Working with you to create a tailored package, they can understand your concerns and create an approach to keep your business premises safe and put your mind at ease. 

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*2021 Commercial Victimisation Survey

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