Our Guide to Buying Business Security Services

Making the decision to protect your business with the help of a professional security services  provider is a real commitment, and one that is so important to get right. The company you choose to provide services such as key holding, mobile patrols and alarm response, has to be one you can trust, so to help you make the the right decision, we’ve put together a list of things to consider when buying business security services.

Don’t buy on cost alone 

Running a business can be expensive, so it makes sense to look for security services at a competitive price. But remember – cheaper isn’t always better. If you find a supplier with very low rates, it could be an indication they’re not following all their legal requirements. 

The security industry operates with strict regulations and licensing requirements in place, and on top of those costs, providers must also have appropriate insurance, apply for accreditations to show they’re meeting quality standards, train and equip employees, and pay them fairly.

Choosing a trusted provider who can demonstrate they’re following the legal requirements of the industry means you’ll receive a better service.

Look for accreditations

Accreditations show that a provider is committed to meeting the UK security industry’s current quality standards, and these are important to look for during the selection process. You should look for a supplier who has accreditations which include the following; 

ISO 9001 – This accreditation means the company works to a number of quality management principles, having a strong customer focus, good leadership and a commitment to continued improvement. 

ISO 45001 – This accreditation means the company is serious about improving employee safety, reducing workplace risk and creating better, safer working conditions.

ACS – This is the Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme and provides a hallmark of quality. ACS accredited companies are rigorously assessed against over 80 performance indicators and are independently checked and verified as being some of the top suppliers in the sector. 

Ask for testimonials

A trusted security services provider shouldn’t be short of testimonials from their clients, and should be happy to share them with you. As part of the decision-making process, you should ask to see testimonials, or speak to existing clients to get a feel for the services offered and how well they’re delivered. 

Consider us!

A trusted name across the North West, we provide a range of security services to both public and private sector organisations. Offering key holding, mobile patrols and alarm response, we’ve been supporting businesses with professional security services since we were founded in 2008. 

To find out more call us on 0800 783 1025 or fill in your details on our ‘Quote Request’ page for a free, no-obligation quote within one working day

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