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Manned Guarding

Our Manned Guarding service provides a dependable and proactive security solution, giving you peace of mind that your business is protected.

As a trusted name in the security industry, we understand that the safety of your business is a top priority. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the reintroduction of our Manned Guarding services across the North West.

How does Manned Guarding work?

Our Manned Guarding service provides a visible security presence, deterring potential criminals whilst ensuring your property is protected. Our highly trained, fully accredited security officers go above and beyond to safeguard your business premises.

They can provide a range of services including…

Maintaining security: Our security officers are responsible for maintaining the security and safety of the premises they’re assigned to. This includes protecting against theft, vandalism and other unauthorised activities.

Access control: Security officers often control access to restricted areas by monitoring entrances and verifying the identity of individuals entering the premises. They may issue visitor badges, operate security gates, or use other access control measures.

Patrolling and monitoring: Security officers may conduct regular patrols of the premises to ensure everything is in order and to deter any potential security risks. They may inspect doors, windows and other entry points for signs of tampering or unauthorised access.

Emergency responseIn the event of an emergency, such as a fire, medical incident, or security breach, security officers are responsible for taking appropriate actions. This may involve evacuating the premises, providing first aid, contacting emergency services, or following established emergency protocols.

Incident reporting: Security officers should document any incidents, security breaches, or unusual activities that occur during their shift. They may be required to write detailed reports, maintain logs, or communicate information to supervisors and relevant personnel.

Customer service: Depending on the nature of the organisation, security officers may also be responsible for providing assistance and support to visitors, employees, or customers. This could include providing directions, answering questions, or offering basic assistance during non-security-related situations.

Risk assessments: Security officers may be involved in conducting risk assessments and identifying potential vulnerabilities in security systems of procedures. They may recommend improvements and work with relevant stakeholders to implement effective security measures.

Experience and training

Our team is made up of skilled professionals, chosen for their demeanour, alertness, and ability to handle situations tactfully and efficiently. Each member of our team undergoes rigorous training that exceeds industry standards, preparing them to deal with a wide range of scenarios, from intrusions and thefts to emergency situations and evacuations.

What are the benefits of using a Manned Guarding service?

There are many benefits of using a Manned Guarding service.

It’s a highly visible deterrent

  • The presence of our security officers acts as a robust deterrent to crime.
  • They provide a far more noticeable presence compared to CCTV or alarm systems alone.

It provides an immediate response

  • Our security officers can instantly react to incidents.
  • They take necessary action to prevent loss or damage, ensuring quick response times to emergencies.

It offers 24/7 protection

  • We offer round-the-clock cover, adapting to your business needs to ensure continuous security coverage.

We offer detailed reporting

  • All incidents are meticulously reported, giving you a clear overview of what happens during each shift.

Did you know…?

Our Manned Guarding service is tailored to your security requirements and we can work with a wide range of businesses. Whether you have a retail shop or industrial site, we can find a solution to meet your needs.

We believe in delivering excellent service at a competitive price, providing you with the best value for your investment. To find out if our security services are available in your area, visit our ‘Areas we cover‘ page.

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