KeyPlus Sponsor Burnley-Based Racer

We’re happy to announce that this year, we’ll sponsor Burnley-based motorbike racer, John Marsh. 

Placing 5th in last year’s No Limits championship following a season of great races, Marsh will be returning to the track in 2021 to continue competing in sprint and endurance events. 

Now in its eighth season, the No Limits championship continues to make its mark on the UK racing scene, challenging participants with new classes to compete in each year. 

This season, Marsh will compete in the cup 600 events on an upgraded clubman license, and is hoping to work his way up to a national license to further his success in the sport.

“We’re a local business working with local people,” said Brian Curran, Managing Director of KeyPlus, “so it’s important for us to show our support where we can by providing sponsorship.

“John is an example of a local sportsman pushing himself to compete in challenging races, and we wanted to show our support by sponsoring him. 

“We wish John the best of luck for the season and look forward to cheering him on and catching a glimpse of the KeyPlus sponsor logo on the tracks.”

To find out more and follow his success this season, follow Marsh on Facebook.

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