Checkup Checklist: Keeping Healthcare Providers Safe

According to the Office for National Statistics’ Business Register and Employment Survey, in 2019, 75,000 people in Lancashire were employed in the health and social work sector, accounting for 14.7% of the region’s working population. With so many key workers providing an essential service, it’s important to put appropriate measures in place to help keep workplaces safe so they can continue doing what they do best.  

From chemists to doctors surgeries, if you’re a healthcare provider, keeping your shop or practice open is key to delivering the best service possible. Working with a professional security services provider offering key holding, mobile patrols or alarm response services can help to protect your premises and minimise any downtime from forgotten keys, alarm activations or attempted break ins.  

If you’re looking for a provider, it’s important to find someone you can trust. There are plenty to choose from in the region (including us!), so our checklist should help you to narrow down your choices…

  • Do your research: Look at a range of providers in your area so you can compare them and make an informed decision.
  • Don’t buy on cost alone: The cheapest option isn’t always the best. Look for a provider who can demonstrate they are following all the requirements the security industry has put in place, not just the one that can provide the cheapest service.
  • Look out for accreditations: Accreditations are a good sign the provider is committed to meeting security industry standards. Read ‘Our Guide to Buying Business Security Services’ to find out what to look for. 
  • Ask for testimonials: A trusted provider should have testimonials from happy clients and be willing to share them. 

“We understand how important it is to find a security services provider you can trust” said Brian Curran, Managing Director of KeyPlus, “and for healthcare providers who play such an important role in our communities, it’s essential to find the right partner to work with.

“We’ve been working with businesses across Lancashire since 2008, and we work with a number of healthcare providers in the region, from pharmacies to surgeries, health centres to NHS sites. Providing 24/7 cover, 365 days a year, we pride ourselves on our cost-effective and efficient service, so if you’re looking for a quote, we’d love to hear from you.” 

To find out more about our security services we offer, call us on 0800 783 1025, or fill in your details on our ‘Quote Request’ page for a free, no-obligation quote.

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