How to Stay Safe as a Lone Worker

In the UK, there are almost 6.8 million lone workers and, according to the British Crime Survey, almost 150 experience physical and verbal attacks each day.

What is a lone worker?

A lone worker is defined as someone who works by themselves without close or direct supervision. This includes an extensive list of workers, from lorry drivers to window cleaners, social workers to security officers.

What are the risks of being a lone worker?

Every profession has its own risks, but lone workers can face many hazards. From trips and falls, to sudden illness, physical or verbal abuse – working alone means you may not have colleagues to rely on should you suddenly need help.

Steps to safety

It might sound obvious, but when working alone, keep valuables out of sight. If you’re carrying a laptop or mobile phone, don’t leave them unattended on a table or car seat, even for a second. Opportunist thieves can strike at any moment.

Likewise, if you wear expensive jewellery, a watch perhaps, try not to expose it unnecessarily. Drawing attention to yourself as a lone worker could make you an easy target.

Keep a list of emergency contacts readily available in your phone so you know who to call and when. Mark your personal contacts with ‘ICE’ – ‘In case of emergency’ so if someone needs to use your phone on your behalf, they know who to get in touch with.

Try and let family, friends or colleagues know where you will be and how long you expect to be there. That way, they’ll know where you and can monitor the time you are away for.

Better still, use an app like our lone worker app, KeyProtect. A simple shake or tap activates audio and video recording and sends your location to our monitoring centre so our team of security professionals can help you quickly should you find yourself in danger.

If you find yourself subject to physical or verbal abuse, keep calm and react quickly. Try to defuse a volatile situation if you can or move to safety.

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