Security Myths Busted: Employees as Key Holders

Are you still using employees as Key Holders?

 One of the biggest misconceptions about key holding services it that it’s cheaper and easier to use employees as key holders than using a professional key holding company. But have you ever stopped to think about the implications this may have?

“It’s the easiest option…”

A lot of businesses think using employees as key holders is the easiest option, but it can be an administrative nightmare! Managing access and control is hard work, especially when you consider the number of holidays, sick days and changing shift patterns your business can be subject to. Keeping track of where keys are and who’s available when can become quite difficult.

“But it’s cheaper than using a key holding company…”

Your employees may already be on the payroll, but there are additional costs associated with using employees as key holders. With training, health and safety, lone worker regulations as well as overtime or unsocial hours pay, the costs can quickly mount up.

On average, our customers pay just £9.60 per week for professional security services. A small price to pay for complete peace of mind.

“But our employees are happy to do it…”

When was the last time checked? Finding a good work/life balance can be difficult enough without the added stress of being a key holder. Relying on employees to act as key holders, on top of their already busy lives, can lead to complacency. Leaving keys in cars, in bags on trains, etc… is it really worth the extra worry? Using a professional key holding company is a must for businesses who want to take their security, and the wellbeing of their employees seriously.

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