5 Frequently Asked Questions About Our Security Services

On our last blog, we walked you through the journey of buying security services from KeyPlus, from the initial enquiry to signing the contract. Now we’re looking at 5 frequently asked questions from potential new clients to give you more insight into our services and how they work…

Do you respond to fire alarms?

The answer is ‘yes’! As part of a key holding and response contract, we’ll attend and deal with a fire alarm system activation at your property. In fact, we’ll respond to lift and other building maintenance systems, freezer alarms, and more! 

Do you respond to CCTV activations?

It’s another ‘yes’ from us! We’ll attend and deal with CCTV activations as part of a key holding and response contract.

What happens if my business is broken into?

If we attend your business property and find that it has been broken into, we’ll contact the Police and arrange for a boarding-up company to attend to secure the site. If required, we’ll contact you and remain on site until you arrive, otherwise, you can leave it to us.

Do you supply an incident report following an attendance?

Yes, we’ll send a report electronically to the email address you provided following our attendance at an incident. 

The report details the time we were notified of an alarm activation, the time we arrived, the reason for the activation and a full written account of the events that occurred whilst our Patrol & Response Officer was on site.

Can you randomly visit to check on my property during nighttime hours or at the weekend to make sure it’s secure?

Yes, we can arrange for a Patrol & Response Officer to attend your property during nighttime hours or at the weekend to act as a visible deterrent to would-be criminals who may be watching your property. 

When they visit, they’ll check external doors and windows to make sure your property is safe and can attend once, or up to 12 times per evening, depending on your requirements.

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