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Void Property Inspections

Protect your empty property against vandals, arsonists, thieves and more with our Void Property Inspections.

Most insurance companies require inspections of empty properties on a regular basis. A target for vandalism, fire, theft and squatters, Void Property Inspections are a cost-effective way to meet your insurers needs whilst making sure your property is looked after as best as it can be.

What are Void Property Inspections?

Tailored to your requirements, or those of your insurance company, Void Property Inspections can include; 

  • An external physical check of the premises looking for damage or theft
  • A physical check inside the building looking for damage, theft, squatters or evidence of illegal entrance
  • Removal of mail and forwarding as required
  • Recording utility meter readings.

Do I need them?

It’s always best to speak to your insurance company if you have empty properties within your portfolio. Many make inspections a condition of cover and may discount premiums if an accredited security company is contracted to provide them. 

How often should I have them?

Most insurers require a weekly inspection but it depends on the location, building security and condition, so it could be as frequently as each day. To find out if our security services are available in your area, visit our ‘Areas we cover‘ page. 

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