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Maybe you think your premises won’t be broken into?

Or perhaps you think the police will handle it if the worst happens?

Maybe you understand the realities but you’re not sure you can afford to invest in security services?

Our Mythbuster guide explains exactly why you can’t rely on the police to put your business first…

And explodes 19 other common security myths.

How many of them affect your business?

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Police Response, did you know...

  • Security systems must be installed, maintained and monitored by companies who have been certified by a UKAS accredited certification body.
  • The Police will only respond either as a result of a ‘confirmed’ activation or if an offence has been witnessed and verified by a third party at the premises.
  • Do not expect the Police to respond if your system does not comply with the Security Systems Policy (other than from genuine 999 calls).
  • An immediate response is unlikely due to the ever increasing pressures on Police resources due to diminishing budgets, crime and terrorism.
  • If your system generates 3 or more false activations within a rolling 12-month period, Police Response will be withdrawn.
Is your business at risk?